Experiences Of Slaves During The American Civil War

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Experiences of Slaves in America How did the experiences of slaves change from the 1600s to the end of the American Civil War and does it exist today? Introduction: The 1600s were full of events that helped make America what it is today. 1619 was the beginning of a revolutionary time still known as the Reconstruction period. Africans were shipped over to a country they had never been to before, and basically told how to live their lives under the enforcement of American farmers. Some thought that they were still in their own country, just with more brutal rules. They were used for all jobs the American humanity didn’t want to do their selves, or pay anyone to do it. Slavery played the biggest role in the American Civil war, beginning in 1861. The southerners (Confederate States) wanted slaves, and were fairly greedy, money hungry, when the northerners (United States) were more kind hearted and didn’t believe in slavery. It was finally abolished in the United States in 1808, although there were still people housing slaves illegally. Life never really got better for the African-Americans. They are still criticised, disadvantaged, and face economic and social discrimination. There are still around 60,000 people in America who are considered to be modern versions of slaves, even though they don’t have the slaves under the same enforcement as the 19th century slaves. So the experiences changed between the centuries, but only in the slightest ways. People are still forced into
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