Experiences at Caribbean Union College-Personal Narrative Essay

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Experiences at Caribbean Union College-Personal Narrative

Leaving home to study at Caribbean union college gave me several positive and negative experiences I will never forget. I arrived in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago on the 6th of September 2001.from there I had a long drive from the Piarco International airport to maracas valley, st. Joseph. On arrival, students from several parts of the world greeted me. It was from there on I had several experiences.
Firstly, after coming to Caribbean Union College, I have been able to become a more responsible person. As a matter of fact, I have been able to wash and iron for myself. Secondly, since this institution is a religious one, I have become a more spiritual person, so
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About three weeks after I started the program, I lost ten pounds (10lbs). I was so impressed that I am presently thinking of playing football, in which I think I will burn more fat. My clothing fits me better, and most of all, I feel healthier and I move around easier. Just attending college my self-esteem has increased and I am looking towards the future, where I plan to open my own trucking and construction company. I also plan to franchise it throughout the Caribbean in time to come.
While I have had several positive and negative experiences at Caribbean Union College, I have also had several ones. Firstly, living in the dormitory is very irritating and challenging for me, because its physical appearance is very poor. Just to mention one of many problems, termites are presently eating away the wardrobe and cupboards, wood ants in the roof and sleeping on very thin mattresses. In addition to that, since living here, I have lost contact with my television programs, because the senior dorm students are always in the television room.
Another thing is that everyday both morning and evenings; I have to go to worship, and what makes me feel uncomfortable is to sign an attendance slip, which to me, is forcing people to go to worship. However, the thing that irritates me the most is the unhealthy way I have to wake up in the mornings, the Chaplin gets up very early and goes and talks on the PA system and
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