Experiences of Working in the Media

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Experiences in working in Media Name Institution Tutor Course Date Outline Introduction Research design Choice of working environment Objectives Research Methodology Results Data from interviewee Concepts of media production Media theories Concept and theories reflected by the interview Experience and conclusion Working experience in Media Introduction The media industry is a very important aspect in the happening of an economy. It forms the major part of mass communication that reaches audiences through technological bits. It is the informant that keeps the citizens up-to-date with the daily happenings of the world in various sectors; politics, business, education, entertainment and sports. The media covers an extensive area, from the internet, press, film, radio and to the televisions. Similarly, the workforce behind the media power is extensive, from editors and columnists in press, news anchors and video editors in televisions, internet bloggers among others. The media has with time, depending on their respective nations been criticized by the society, governments and individuals on their own. Streaming information is always under the verge of positive and negative criticism; therefore, I find it vital to comprehend the experiences in the industry directly from a representative of the press sector. Research design Choice of working environment I narrowed my research in a media-oriented environment from a journalist with a famous newspaper. My

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