Experiencing Death At Four Years Old Boy

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Experiencing Death at Four-Years-old The afterlife is supposed to be a mystery, or is it? while analyzing two very different afterlife experiences in Heaven is for Real and I Have Lived Before. Both stories paint a picture of the afterlife for two individuals, one being a four-year-old boy; Colton Burpo. The other being Shanti Devi, also a four-year-old. Colton takes a life changing journey to heaven and receives tremendous support from his Christian family to share his story. Shanti is a young girl who was a follower of the Hundi religion in her past life, and was then brutally questioned by her family and other around her ultimately ending in an investigation to determine if she was being truthful. It is Clear to see the two stories are incredibly different, however could they both be true or false? According to I Have Lived Before, In Shanti Devi’s previous life she was a mother and a wife, she passed giving birth to her son. Devi was a follower of the Hindu religion and lived in Mathura India. believed to be reincarnated into a young girl growing up in Deli, India in the 1930’s. Shanti expressed recollection of this last life. She seemed to have great knowledge considering her four years of age. Her parents where surprised, however they simply chocked it up to a behavioral or disciplinary issue, her family was convinced she was not well. Shanti spoke of her past life very often asking questions in regards to her son, and her husband, why is it now acceptable to eat
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