Essay about Experiential Family Therapy Case Study

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Case Analysis of Theresa Jimmie Cross

Glenda J. Chandler

Northcentral University

Case History
Theresa Cross was born in Sacramento, California on March 12, 1946. She was the youngest child in her family. Bill and Clara Tapp are from their mother’s previous marriage. Rosemary and Theresa were the daughters of Jim and Swannie Cross. Both Jim and Swannie gave preference to boys and Jim was rather disappointed that he only had daughters. Jim wanted a son to carry on his name. He charged Clara $60.00 a month for room and board in their home. Clara was also made to care for her two younger half-sisters while their mother worked. “Sometimes she was forced to stay home from school for weeks at a time”
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Theresa held her mother and watched her die while they were waiting for the ambulance. Rosemary went to high school and worked a part-time job in order to provide for the family. She had to become an adult overnight. “Theresa was not sympathetic, and the teenage rivalry between them escalated. Her grief metamorphosed into depression and desperation while Rosemary was trying to keep the family together and carry on” (McDougal, 1995, p. 21).
Theresa became her father’s primary caretaker after Rosemary became married and left home. She immediately began looking for a husband to take care of her and her father. Theresa married her first husband at age 16 with her father’s consent. She dropped out of school to marry Clifford Sanders. Theresa had two children with Clifford, Howard and Sheila. Theresa and Clifford were constantly fighting and he physical abused her. In July of 1964, Clifford decided to move out for the second time. Just as he was about to leave, she aimed a rifle and shot him. He was killed instantly. She was pregnant with Sheila at this time. Theresa was acquitted of the charges; she claimed self defense. Shortly after the trial, she became involved with Estelle Thornsberry. She gave birth to Sheila during this time. At one time, Theresa told Estelle’s sister “that she intended to raise these two kids exactly the way that her mother had raised her. Her mother had favored one sibling over the other.
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