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My forecast: You are about to attend session six of your experiential language module on Indonesian. You have mastered the progressive verbs, (jalan jalan etc.) But you are currently struggling with reported speech in this beautiful but trying language. You have a meeting with Putu, your Indonesian language partner. Don 't worry about the time difference though--It 's only Putu 's avatar. The real Putu is fast asleep in his tempat tidur. When he wakes up, he will catch the feed to see what he missed and interact with your avatar. Today 's topic: Solving a riddle used at Pendauan funeral gatherings. You slip your O.R. goggles on and you begin class on the virtual seaside cliffs outside a kechak temple of Uluwatu in Bali. Some of you…show more content…
Elba Ocando, of Canterbury School Florida, uses technologies like Voicethread in her lessons for students to converse with one another in Spanish. Additionally, her students were entrusted to learn one particular grammar function or usage and teach it to other learners through presentations or video casting in flipped classroom settings. Other teachers were using Skype in the classroom with native speaking classes to talk about culture in the target language. A class from Mexico learning English was able to practice with students from the U.S. learning Spanish. The benefit to this was providing a cultural context to the language they are learning. No longer is the language some foreign entity preserved in text books, but a living language connected to real people and real experience somewhere in the real world. I presently play a similar game in my own language learning journeys. I have been admittedly addicted to a social networking app on my phone called, "HelloTalk". It 's specifically designed to connect a community of people who are simultaneously learning a language while teaching their own. I am learning French and continuing with Chinese while teaching others English. However, the conversation sometimes falls flat. We run out of deeper topics due to our limited vocabulary. Not to mention, some people clearly need help in teaching language partners the nuances of their native tongue. As of now the way the users use the technology is on

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