Experiential Learning

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Experiential Learning: Experiential learning is a process that basically demonstrates and focuses on the role of experience in the learning process. This process has been explained by various theorists who have developed some theories including Experiential Learning Theory, cognitive learning theories, and Social Constructivist Theory. The Experiential Learning Theory offers a holistic model of the process of learning and multi-linear form of adult development that shows the process with which people learn, develop, and grow. On the contrary, cognitive theories of learning focus on the impact of cognition rather than affect in learning. Similar to other constructivism approaches, Social Constructivist Theory is based on the belief that a learner develops a personal understanding of significant structures of meaning from his/her actions in the world through reflection. Forms of Learning as Head of Procurement Department: While procurement is one of the major ways with which an organization can lessen operations costs, a career in this field tends to be mentally challenging (Gaelebale, n.d.). Generally, procurement entails all purchasing activities and initiatives that are carried out on behalf of the organization or purchasing activities from business to business. As the head of a procurement department, some of the major responsibilities include compliance with policy, supervising procurement personnel, and coordinating all procurement activities. In order to carry
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