Experiential Marketing : Importance, Strategic Issues And Its Impact Essay

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A study on Experiential Marketing: Importance, Strategic Issues and its Impact
“I have learned that people will forget what you said ,people will forget what you did , but people will never forget how you made them feel”. –Maya Angelou
Rapidly growing consumer market and their cynical towards advertising give new challenge to marketer to find new ways to capture the attention of their audience.The omnipresence of IT , Supremacy of Brand and ubiquity of communication and entertainment have shifted company approach from “Feature and benefits “towards Experiential Marketing.
Traditional marketing presents an engineering driven, rational, analytical view of customer, product and competition, now it is considered as untested and outdated model assumptions. It is hardly a psychological based theory about customer, how they view and react to product and competition. In contrast experiential marketing focus on consumer experience .Experience provide sensory, emotional cognitive behavioral and rational value that replace functional value. Experiential Marketing is distinct in four key ways focusing on customer experience, treating consumption as a holistic experience, recognizing both the rational emotional drivers of consumption and using eclectic methodologies
The most vital concept of Experiential Marketing is experience provider(Ex Pro)and Strategic Experience Module (SEM) Sense ,Feel Think, Act ,Relate .The Implementation of SEM with the help of Ex Pro must be

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