Experiment 2 Lab Techniques and Measurements Essay

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Procedure: Using distilled water, premeasured containers and objects determine displacement of fluids and density of objects. Use ice and heat measure temperatures in Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin.

Purpose: Weighing objects. Figuring out the density with an object by calculated volume and Archimedes’ Principle.


Data Table 1: Length measurements.
Object Length (cm) Length (mm) Length (m)
CD or DVD 12 cm 120mm 0.12 m
Key 5 cm 50mm 0.01m
Spoon 15cm 150mm 0.15m
Fork 18cm 180mm 0.18m
Data Table 2: Temperature measurements.
Water Temperature (°C) Temperature (°F) Temperature (K)
Hot from tap 42c 107.6f 315 k
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The volume of the sample o f gold would be 1.35

E. What would happen if you dropped the object into the beaker while using the Archimedes’ Principle method instead of submerging the object?

Using Archimedes principal I believe the amount of water displaced would have been less due to the buoyancy of the object.

F. How did the magnet’s density measurement using the Archimedes’ Principle compare to the density measurement using the calculated volume? Which method might be more accurate? Why?
The calculated volume used the length x the width x the height to get its volume. I feel the measurement method would be more accurate as it is using exact measurements. Archimedes Principal could possibly be flawed if not done exactly right.

G. You are given a small piece of gold colored material and want to determine if it is actually gold. Using the Archimedes’ Principle you find that the volume is 0.40 cm3 and the mass is 6.0 g. What conclusions can you reach from your simple density analysis?
I feel that the conclusion is that it is not gold.

H. How would you prepare 10 mL of a 0.25M HCl solution if 1M HCl was available? How much
1M HCl is needed? How much distilled water is used?

2.5ml of HCI and 7.5 distilled water

I. From the excel chart of Molarity vs. Density, what was the relationship between the molarity of the sugar solution and the

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