Experiment 621a Essay

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On Tuesday the 20th of September, a presentation was required of all students to show a video of individual experiments after a week was given on the day of the original assigning. Given the task of performing an experiment in order to become acquainted with the Scientific method, students of Biology 621A were required to record their experimentations in full - providing a question to be answered, constructing a hypothesis, designing an experiment that would aid in the proving (or disproving) of the hypothesis and collecting the data found from the experiment. These would go on to be graded based on their overall presentation quality, and content in regards to the mastery of the scientific method while proving its functionality and existence in scientific experiments no matter how small, while determining factors like independent or dependant variables.
After inspecting Rebecca Penny’s experiment, it’s enough to conclude that it mainly focused around the question – Is it possible
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Based upon the variables, equipment and the main question to be answered – no data can really be questioned or collected as it is more of a yes or no answer. Although, a method is present for collecting the data as the visual feedback of the experiment will dictate if it works – but if it had to be done, a table indicating yes or no would be a valid way of collecting such data.
For the experiment to be carried out it was required of the experimenters to first fill up two cups of the same height to the halfway point, filling one of the chosen cups with 6 tablespoons worth of table salt. Once done, it was required of the experimenters to stir the salt water solution to ensure that the salt had properly dissolved with a spoon. Once done, the two eggs would be inserted into the normal water, then the salt water – from which they determine a conclusion on data that was found.
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