Experiment And The Experiments Of The Stanford Prison Experiment

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Exam 1 1. The Stanford Prison Experiment was an experiment that was created to test the effect between prisoners and prison officers. The experiment took place in the basement of one of the buildings in Stanford University. The prisoners and guards in the experiment were college students. The college students were told that they would get $15 dollars a day and that the experiment would last two weeks. The guards and prisoners were decided by a flip of a coin. The experiment abruptly ended after six days because of the mental break downs and hunger strikes the inmates were having. The BoBo Doll Experiment was an experiment that studied aggression. The way that the experiment worked was that they had adults attack the BoBo doll and they made the children watch to see if they would mimic the adults actions. When presented with the BoBo doll the children acted the same way as they saw the adults act. They were able to learn the aggression and hostile language from the adults. 2. Ivan Pavlov was a Russian scientist that studied animal digestion. He was studying what triggered dogs to salivate. He thought it would be a simple study because he believed that dogs drool when presented with food because the saliva helps break down the food. He then realized that dogs salivate more than what he thought. He realized that the individuals that fed the dogs wore labcoats and that the dog started drooling when they saw a lab coats even if there wasn't food. He then ran a study where he
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