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PSYC 101 – Experiment Assignment (40 pts) Students will carefully observe acts of aggression and prosocial behavior on television, report their observations, and analyze their data to draw conclusions. Watch 20 minutes of each of the three types of programs (do not code behavior in commercials). Record every aggressive act and prosocial act. Some categories will have several acts. Your chart and discussion will focus on comparing the following three types of programs you will watch: 1) children’s cartoons (such as from the cartoon channel, Nick Jr); 2) children’s Teaching program can be found on cable stations like SPROUT such as Barney, Arthur, Clifford the big red dog, Berenstain Bears, or Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood; or Nick Jr…show more content…
Once I figured out the plan for collecting and processing the data, it was pretty easy. I’m not a big cartoon person, but I enjoyed watching the Berenstain Bears. (Word Count 106) CHART ***THIS CHART MUST BE TURNED IN WITH ASSIGNMENT*** Practice Program 1 Program 2 Program 3 I. Physical Aggression A. Against people X X 1. A hits B once, B hits A once X 2. A hits B several times or reverse 3. A hurts B or the reverse 4. A kills B or the reverse X 5. A hits several people 6. A kills several people B. Against other living creatures 1. Hurts X 2. Kills X C. Against property X X D. Other II. Psychological Aggression A. Insults X X B. Abusive Language X C. Threats X D. Others X III. Other Categories of aggression A. Kidnapping X B. Torture X C. Other X Total numbers X (times) 3 Hourly rate of aggression X 3 X 3 X 3 X 3 IV. Prosocial aid to another A. Providing aid to another X B. Control of aggressive impulses X C. Making up for bad behavior X X D. Delay of gratification E. Explaining the feelings of others X F. Sympathy X G. Resistance of temptation X Total numbers X (times) 3 Hourly rate of prosocial behavior X 3 18 X 3 0 X 3 3 X
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