Experiment : Distillation And Tlc

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Experiment 5: Distillation and TLC
1. For Fraction 1, below 110 degree Celsius (approximately 63 degree Celsius) because that is the boiling point for 1-hexene. For Fraction 2, around 143 degree Celsius because that is the boiling temperature for 2-bromohexane.
2. 1-hexene and 2-bromohexane are both in liquid states. So they have similar solubility. However, the recrystallization technique can be used only when two different compounds have different solubility. 1-hexene and 2-bromohexane cannot be separated when using the recrystallization technique because this technique is used to dissolve mixture solid in a solvent at high temperature. The solution is then cooled until one of the compounds crystalizes.
Extraction technique also cannot be used to separate these two compounds because of the same property they have: they are nonpolar, resulting non acid-base extraction. Extraction technique is used to separate two different compounds to organic and aqueous layer, which means one phase of one solvent has to be polar and the other phase has to be nonpolar.
3. - Always hold the TLC plate by the edge. Never put fingers directly on the surface of the TLC plate
- When marking the TLC plate with a pencil, there should be no pressing the plate surface with the pencil because the silica will be removed from the plate surface.
- When spotting on the TLC baseline there should be no contact of the solution on the plate surface fore more than 1 second
- Avoid streaking by not adding

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