Experiment On The Concentration Of Acetic Acid

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Year 11 Chemistry Summative Practical


To calculate the concentration of acetic acid in vinegar, CH3COOH - via titration methods.


• 0.100 M standard solution of sodium hydroxide (NaOH)
• Household vinegar (CH3COOH)
• Phenolphthalein indicator
• Distilled water
• 200ml volumetric flask
• 250 ml conical flask
• 20ml volumetric pipette
• Burette
• Retort stand
• Filter funnel


Before the commencement of the practical, all necessary glassware and measurement tools were rinsed appropriately. The pipette was rinsed three times with vinegar solution, whereas the volumetric flask was rinsed three times with distilled water. 20mL of the vinegar solution was measured and transferred to the volumetric flask, where it was diluted with distilled water by filling the flask to the 200mL graduation line. A 20ml aliquot of the aforementioned solution was extracted from the volumetric flask via the volumetric pipette and subsequently transferred to the conical flask. Three drops of phenolphthalein indicator were then added. The burette was filled with the provided NaOH solution of 0.1M, with volume measurements taken from the bottom of the meniscus. The conical flask was placed under the burette, from which a rough titration of the vinegar solution began. Titrations halted once a permanent color change was visible in the conical flask. This process was repeated until three concordant titre values were obtained.

Results and Calculations:…
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