Experiment of Starch Mixed with Amylase Essay

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Experiment of Starch Mixed with Amylase


Aim: The aim of this experiment is to learn what happens when starch is mixed with amylase. I also intend to investigate the effects of changing one or more of the variables involved in the experiment.

Key Factors: Listed below are each of the key factors featured in the experiment and the affect that each one may have upon the investigation…

Temperature: The temperature of the room when the experiment is being carried out will determine the rate at which the amylase works since amylase is most efficient at body temperature, which is between 37-40°C, and less effective in more extreme conditions. This is because amylase is an enzyme,
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This is because salt strengthens gluten, which is a substance often found in bread, and is high in proteins and low in starch. This enables proteins, such as enzymes to work more efficiently.

Prediction: I have chosen to use the temperature variable in my investigation as I feel that is the simplest key factor to control and is also easily completed in the time set for the experiment, with few if any likely complications. The change in temperature will affect the efficiency of the enzyme and the rate at which it breaks down the starch. I predict that when the experiment begins, at room temperature, the enzyme will be more efficient, however as the temperature increases the rate at which the starch is broken down will become slower and slower, proving what I have previously stated about a decrease in efficiency.

[IMAGE]Hypothesis: Saliva, which contains the enzyme amylase, is produced in the parotid glands that are located in the mouth. Amylase is a carbohydrase, which breaks down and digests starch. It does this by speeding up the reaction that occurs to breakdown the starch molecules into smaller maltose molecules, these in turn are later broken down by the enzyme maltase, which is found in the ileum, and then finally into glucose which can be utilised by various different parts of the body. Since this entire process occurs inside the body,
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