Experiment on Food Test

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In this experiment I had to do a food test on a variety of foods such as Apple, Celery, Bread, Biscuit, Cheese, and Milk mixing or combining with the Iodine solution, Sodium Hydroxide solution and Copper Sulphate solution. From that It allowed me to see if there are any changes to the foods when adding the solutions. The most important part when doing this food test was I had to investigate it safely and efficiently followed by the health and safety rules so that I carry out my experiment in a correct way and therefore my results can be accurate enough. I had to follow the health and safety rules as it was very important for me to follow them when doing the food test experiment. This is because I had to use some chemicals and solutions…show more content…
For the apple,celery, biscuit and bread they do not change colour as they stay the same because they do not contain any sorts of fat. Further to that they do not react with those solutions. Again for the last part I had to throw the foods and then test in the new foods on a piece of filter paper. I had to fold the paper over the food substance and press down to see if the filter paper is wet then I had to air dry in the lamb so that I can see the result. All the dairy products such as the biscuit,cheese, milk had colourless stain that doesn't dry which contained fats in it. As I believe that milk and cheese are from animal fat. Whereas the fruits such as apple, cereal, bread does not contain fat because they are fruits and vegetables which are high in fibre and are very good for our health as they keep us healthy and active . I believe that my finding about the food test went successfully. If I were given the chance to do the experiment again to improve ,the only thing I would consider is that take my time to give the solutions to fully develop in the foods so that it can show me accurate results. Overall, by experimenting foods with different solutions showed me the colour changes and help me find out if they contain fat, protein or starch. The experiment was very useful in finding out about the changes in the colour on different foods when
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