Experimental Apparatus and Procedure

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Experimental apparatus and procedure As shown in figure 1 , schematic diagram of the experimental apparatus is shown. The three pipes used in the fabrication of the heat exchanger are made of brass(inner pipe), copper pipe(helical pipe), mild steel pipe(outer pipe). The inside diameters of the three pipes are 0.03175m, 0.009525m and 0.0635m respectively with thickness of each pipe as 1.5mm only. The experimental set up is composed of a test section, normal water loop, cold water loop, hot water loop and temperature measuring system. The water is used as working fluid. The test section and the connections of piping system are designed such that parts can be changed for different flow arrangement. The hot water loop consists of a storage tank, an electric heater of 3000W immerged inside the storage tank to obtain the high temperature of hot water, a pump and gate valve. The cold water loop consists of a storage tank, a pump and gate valve. Ice cubes are used to cool down the temperature of tap water to nearly 130 C . The normal water loop consists of storage tank, pump and gate valve. After the temperature of the water is adjusted to the desired level, the normal, cold and hot water are pumped out of the storage tank and are passed through test section and discharged to outside. The flow rate of the water are controlled by adjusting the valve and measured by the flow metres of +_ 0.2% of full scale. The heat exchanger is a concentric tube
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