Experimental Design: Financial Literacy and Social Change

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Financial literacy and social change Introduction There have been ideas floated of the best ways to combat the deplorable social conditions that have been ailing the contemporary society for along time. Various reasons that have to do with the way people handle their finances, to the types of jobs people should do, the saving habits that people should adopt and much more have been at the top of the table. There has been little attention however given on the financial literacy of the masses that can lead them to a positive social change. It is therefore worth asking the question is there a connection between the financial literacy and the social standards of an individual, a group of people or a given area? Are there specific identifiable instances where the social conditions changed for the better after an evidenced financial literacy program? Hypothesis It is with the above questions that the research seeks to find out the positive impact that financial literacy can have on the social condition of an individual. The financial literacy that an individual has is a prerequisite to social change in the contemporary society. Experimental designs There are several experimental designs that can be used to verify the truth behind the assertion made by the hypothesis. Being an experimental research that deals with human beings, there is need to have at least a group that will be subjected to the financial literacy or have been subjected to the financial literacy so
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