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15. The purpose of this study is to assess the effects of speed on the recall of abstract and concrete words. The hypothesis of this research is that words heard at normal speed will be easier recalled then those heard at a fast speed. 16. The participant population will consist of undergraduate students currently enrolled in psychology courses at Valdosta State University. Approximately 20 participants will perform the experiment. All participants will be at least eighteen years of age. Students will be asked to voluntarily participate in this experiment. If a participant refuses to participate in the experiment then he or she will not be bothered again. 17. Participants will be asked to read and sign a consent form. The consent…show more content…
The data collected from this experiment will not contain personal identifiable information. Only the researchers involved with this experiment will have access to the data collected. The paperwork will be stored in a locked file cabinet and the data stored on hard drive on a password protected computer. All information obtained from participants will be kept confidential and protected from unauthorized access. All data sheets will be coded with group labels and numbers. No personal identifying marks of any kind will be present on any of the data forms. The data sheets will be stored separately from the signed consent forms. All data from this study will be reported as group averages. No single identifiable cases will ever be reported. 22. Although there are no known risks associated with these research procedures, it is not always possible to identify all potential risks of participating in a research study. However, the University has taken reasonable safeguards to minimize potential but unknown risks. If you experience any distress from this study you may request counseling services from the Student Counseling Center at 229-333-5940 or health care services from Student Health Services at 229-333-5886. By agreeing to participate in this research project, you are not waiving any rights that you may have against Valdosta State University for injury resulting from negligence of the University or its researchers. 23. Benefits associated with this experiment
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