Experimental Psychology : Psychology And Psychology

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Experimental Psychology
Experimental psychology is a sub-discipline in psychology that focuses on understanding the human behavior resulted from life experience through research and experimental studies (“Career in Psychology,” n.d.). Therefore, experimental psychologists approve or disapprove psychological beliefs through research. Experimental psychologists hypothesize the issues related to psychological subjects, and then conduct studies to find out the truth about their hypotheses (“Career in Psychology,” n.d.). On the other hand, when some experimental psychologists study different psychological phenomena, the others devote their time to find the answers to one complex issue (“Career in Psychology,” n.d.). Experimental psychologists usually work in private or university research centers, or for government agencies; however, most experimental psychologists who work in academic centers usually teach a few courses in the universities as well (“Career in Psychology,” n.d.).
Most individuals who studied psychology are knowledgeable enough to work in the subfield of experimental psychology, as they have taken many courses focusing on research methods, statistics, and math (“Career in Psychology,” n.d.). For that matter, the educational path for most experimental psychologists starts with obtaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and then apply for a master’s program in psychology (“Career in Psychology,” n.d.). Some individuals decide to take some time off from school and…
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