Experimental Research Designs Essay

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Experimental Research Designs “A correlational study determines whether or not two variables are correlated. This means to study whether there is an increase or decrease in one variable corresponds to an increase or decrease in the other variable” (Cherry, 2012). In most correlation studies there is a relationship between both variables that had a change, while in others there wasn’t necessarily causation between the two (Cherry, 2012). An experimental design is one in which the researcher manipulates the independent variable to observe its effect the dependent variable. When conducting an experiment the researcher will use random assignment of the participants into a control group and the other the group that is being experimented on.…show more content…
The review is an examination of the literature that was gathered, pointing toward the answer of the research question. Literature reviewed typically includes journals, books, government databases and other sources. Sometimes it includes newspapers, magazines, films, and audio or video research (Literature Review, 2011). This is going over the literature that has been gathered and picking what is relevant to the hypothesis in the first place. • Design the research methodology. o Research methodology is where you describe how you are gonna gather information and this can be survey interview or literature review. And then you explain each method what are they, what you will do to them. A survey is really good for research using statistics and literature review is great for all kinds of research. • Determine the results. o The data from an experiment has been gathered, the researchers then compare the results to the control group and determine if the experiment was effective (Cherry, 2012). A good example of this is when a pharmaceutical company does research on certain types of new medicine. They used a control group that uses a placebo and the other group takes the medicine that is being researched. They then compare the results and this experiment can be taken several ways. • Reach conclusions. o Once all the data is collected and the study is designed, the information is examined and conclusions
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