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This experimental study will be carried out using a within-subjects design with the goal being to determine if there is a noticeable difference from the participating groups. A questionnaire will be distributed between the groups to determine to determine if the subjects have ever experienced a moment of aggressive behavior or anger at least once in their life. A second questionnaire will be given after the independent variable is presented to the participants in order to determine their aggression and what kind of aggression they are feeling and experiencing. A third and final questionnaire will be given after the study to determine their moods and feelings after the study. The independent variable in this study will be the videos the participants…show more content…
The results of the supported hypothesis should show the blood pressure and temperature of the participant with no significant change in them before and after the aggression is introduced into the participants. Past studies like Geen, Stonner, and Shope’s (1975) showed that aggressive actions did not lead to better levels of stress management and less aggression. The implications of this study if it supported the hypothesis would further show that catharsis would not lead to a better stress management and aggression free life, it would show that it would in fact possible lead to an opposite effect. Perhaps it would even show that catharsis would facilitate further actions of aggression in the…show more content…
These studies should focus on what can be done to reduce aggression and what methods of interacting with the environment through catharsis could reduce aggression and lower stress levels. Another point of further research should be done on how to reduce aggression levels possibly through sports as a viable output for aggression, perhaps these studies could be done though athletic teams and organizations. If allowed as well it would be interesting to do the study through High school populations as a way to see if the usage of catharsis at an early age could potentially work on reducing future aggression later in their lives or end up making it worse. Also it should be noted and perhaps further studied to see how temperature and color could focus on reducing aggression using catharsis, maybe a study could be done on if colors used in the activity could help with aggression or perhaps make it
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