Experimental and Non experimental Research Designs

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Experimental and Non-Experimental Research Designs. Evaluating a Survey Student’s Name Institution Research can either be experimental or no-experimental. Between the two research methods, experimental research is the most scientifically and also the most sophisticated research method. This makes the experimental be defined as observation that is under controlled conditions. Experimental research design method is concerned with examination of the effect of independent variable on the variable that is dependent. I this, the independent variable is manipulated via intervention or the treatment. The dependent variable is used in the effect of those interventions (Donald A., Lucy J., Asghar R. and Christine S. 2014).…show more content…
2010). An example of question in non experimental research is, “What is the effect of part-time work on school achievement of high school students?” A researcher would make use of the ex post facto method as explained below. The researcher will not manipulate the students by making some of them take part-time jobs while others do not. Instead, he will identify those who do not participate in part-time jobs and compare their performance with those who do. Therefore, the researcher must be extra careful while interpreting this kind of results. They should make sure that they do not establish their own casual relationship within the variables that are under study. Experimental and non-experimental research designs have the following differences; Experimental researchers are able to perform experiments on people and also manipulate the predictor variables while the non-experimental researchers are forced to do observation and interpretation of what they are looking at. Researchers doing experimental design can come out and say, X causes Y, this has a lot of power. Non-experimental researcher can only come close to that because he or she cannot say certainly that X leads occurrence of Y. Face validity to greater extend assesses how an instrument asks all the needed questions and whether the survey asks all the required questions at the right level for the target audience. Face
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