Expert System Essay

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Expert systems as a mean of conducting medical diagnosis and recommending successful treatments have been a highly active research field in the past few years. Expert systems can assist medical professionals and other users in providing correct diagnosis and suggesting effective treatments of diseases. In other words, intelligent systems for diagnosing common illnesses can provide easy access to a wealth of information that may help hospitals reduce excessive costs from unnecessary laboratory test and provide more effective patient treatment, while maintaining high quality of medical care. On the other hand, since infants are exposed to different types of common illness such as: jaundice, thrush, blocked tear ducts, cradle cap,…show more content…
2. BACKGROUND: This section provides succinct and coherent information about the important techniques and concepts that are related to this project such as what is an expert system and what is the ID3 algorithm which is used as the data mining technique. The following subsections are an overview for each of these concepts: 2.1 Expert Systems: Expert systems are computer programs capable of performing a task that normally requires the knowledge from experts in the field [9]. Two different approaches represent knowledge in expert systems. One is based on production rules (IF-THEN), which are applied to the knowledge base in an orderly manner to produce the solution to a diagnostic problem [3]. The second approach is based on nodal networks of disease features linked together in a variety of patterns against which the new patient's features are compared by pattern matching. Some recent systems combine features of both approaches. A second generation of expert systems now make use of networks where causal pathophysiological information is embodied. This latter type provides particularly complex explanatory feedback [9]. There are many different techniques that can be used by expert systems and clinical decision support systems in order to improve the systems work such as: Causal Probabilistic Network, Neural Network, Bayesian Network,
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