Explain 2-3 Features Of The Following Motor Milestones

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Jasmine Alfred
June 22, 2016
Class Activity 4
Chapter 5
1. Describe 2-3 features of the following motor milestones as described in the video:
a. Head control
At 1 month old, infants should have their head 45 degrees off the floor. Between 2-3 months, they should have their head at least 90 degrees, off the floor, and at 4 months, have their head up completely.
b. Sitting
At 6 months, infants can sit up briefly using their hands with a rounded back, and at 7 months, sit with a straightened back, with less use of the hands. At 9 months, they should be able to sit alone, unassisted.
c. Standing
From 9-12 months, infants can pull themselves into a standing stance using structures around them for balance. They will use these objects to take little steps, and once the motion of stepping forward is achieved, infants will then begin to step with the aid of parents holding a hand.
d. Walking
At 18 months, infants are in a straddle stance, legs wide, and hands held high in the air for balance. After a few months, the arms come down, and the legs come closer together.
2. List and describe 2-3 interesting motor developmental concepts from Chapter 5 that were not covered in the video.
1. Most of
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For this technique, two objects or patterns are simultaneously shown to an infant. If the infant looks at one of the objects longer than the other, the researcher can infer that the baby is able to discriminate between them and has a preference of one over the other. Habituation is another method that is used to study sensory and perceptual development in infants. For this procedure, a researcher presents an infant with a particular stimulus until the infant’s response to it decreases. Then a new stimulus is presented. If the infant’s response to it increases, the researcher can then conclude that the baby can distinguish the new from the old
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