Explain A Leadership And Management Experience I Had At Echo

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The purpose of this paper is to explain a leadership and management experience I had at Echo Manor July 21-22 2016. In this paper I will be explaining the differences between leadership and management. Leadership is a personal traits necessary to establish a vision and goal for an organization, and the ability to execute them. While management is a personal traits necessary to plan, organize, motivate, and to manage personnel and material resources of an organization (Dahlkemper, 2013, pp 137).I will also be explaining my leadership style, my leadership management traits, the conflicts that came up during my leadership experience, and how I resolved them. Leadership and management must go hand-in-hand; they are not the same thing, but…show more content…
This leadership style is known as participative leadership, where the group members make decision together. Members of the group are involved in decision making and problems solving. These group members excel in emergency situations because being able to share and give opinions and ideas had made their bond stronger thereby work excellence. The creativity of this group is being improved due to the availability of a variety of ideas, because the staff are intimately involved in how the company operates. Most employees enjoy this type of interaction because it allows them to share their ideas freely with the leader and contribute to the goal setting process in a significant manner. As a Democrat or Participative leader, I exhibited the following leadership and management traits. The role in decision making is done by the group including the leader. I provide an empowering environment where team members were able to perform their task effectively on their own. I kept no secrets or information from the team members, and they would not be controlled over or listen from a leader but however, will be a part of decision and success of the group. I was welcoming and open to new ideas, so my team members had free exchange of ideas. I encouraged the social and self-esteem function of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which gave my team the enthusiasm to achieve our goal. We as a group function in the human caring
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