Explain Four Legislative Factors That Influence Health And Safety Essay

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P1: Describe Four Legislative Factors That Influence Health and Safety In Sport There are numerous factors that can influence health and safety in sport. Health and Safety has developed over time and therefore there have also been a number of different legislative factors introduced to minimise hazards and risks and some of these can be associated with sport. Manual Handling Operations Regulations (1992) One of these legislative factors is the manual handling operations regulations (1992). This regulation applies to anything to do with employees lifting, carrying or moving loads. This regulation was put into place to help people avoid injury when lifting heavy loads as a number of people gained injuries due to a lack of knowledge of how to move and lift loads with the correct technique. This means that all employers must teach their staff the correct technique through training or a tutorial. This also means that no matter what the weight of the load is, all the possible risks must be assessed in order to figure out how it needs to be approached as it may be light enough for someone to lift on their own or they may need to assess whether they need assistance. This regulation influences health and safety in sport as it is very important for a sport such as weightlifting as these athletes need the best training in weightlifting they can get as if they have incorrect technique in any way then this means they are in danger of having a serious injury. In a job such as fitness
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