Explain George Berkeley's Philosophy, Connecting His Views On Skepticism

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Explain Berkeley’s philosophy, connecting his views on abstraction, ideas, causation, and God. Why does Berkeley think that his philosophy is an answer to skepticism? Explain Hume’s philosophy, connecting his views on causation, origin of ideas, and association of ideas. Is he closer to Locke or Berkeley? Justify your answer.

George Berkeley argues that abstract ideas are the source of all philosophical confusion and illusion. In his discussion of vision, he argues that one learns to coordinate ideas of sight and touch to judge distance, magnitude, and figure, properties which are immediately perceived only by touch. The ideas of one sense become signs of ideas of the other senses. His motto “esse is percipi” which means to be is to be perceived supports his theory that all physical objects are composed of ideas. Berkeley presents three arguments; 1. We perceive ordinary objects 2. We perceive only ideas 3. Ordinary objects are ideas. Which means that objects are mind-dependent. These arguments do not support realism
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Skepticism is questioning attitude of unempirical knowledge. Skepticism forbids us to speculate beyond the content of our present experience and memory, yet we find it entirely natural to believe much more than that. Our idea of material objects is a combination of their sensible qualities rather than their actual qualities. Thus, we cannot know the true nature of objects or the universe. “…So long as men thought that real things subsisted without the mind, and that their knowledge was only so far forth real as it was conformable to real things, it follows they could not be certain they had any real knowledge at all. For how can it be known that the things which are perceived are conformable to those which are not perceived, or exist without the mind?” (Berkeley 86). Instead of matters in motion, Berkeley prefers ideas initiated by God. We cannot perceive God as the same reason we cannot perceive each other’s
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