Explain How Children Learn By Vygotsky

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Logbook 1- How Children Learn

The quote signifies the importance of social interaction between one another in developing our learning. Vygotsky recognises that culture can influence cognitive development by determining what and how a child will learn about its world (Woolfolk 2013). Vygotsky’s theory has been influential within the classroom setting. His belief that learning pulls development to a higher level reflects the importance of other people in cognitive development. (Doherty & Hughes, 2014)
According to Vygotsky much of a child’s learning is a collaborative process (Arthur et al., 2006). Vygotsky believed that children come across situations where they may be in need of further assistance to overcome a hurdle in their learning. The ‘Zone of Proximal Development’ (ZPD) is what a child could do independently and what can be done with help from a more knowledgeable other. ‘…the shift through the zone from other-regulation to self-regulation depends on the skill of the more knowledgeable peer in putting new ideas in ways can be identified by the learner’ Caroll & Hastings (1996:47).
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(Woolfolk, 2013) talks about Cooperative learning, which is learning by working and talking to others. This allows participants to engage in discussion, elaborate, question and expand on their knowledge with each other. This can take place within group work, paired work and between teacher and pupil. Vygotsky’s theory suggest that for learning to be successful during social interaction; reasoning, comprehension, critical thinking takes place and then is internalised. Cooperative learning provides the purposes for scaffolding to take place to help advance learning. (Woolfolk,
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