Explain How Consumer Satisfaction Can Be Measured Using the Difference Between Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty and Show How They Are Related and How Do They Affect Repurchase Behaviour.

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Understanding consumer behaviour has taken the attention of researchers and companies due to their relevance for business success (Jones et al 2000). How is consumer satisfaction related with their loyalty has been likely the most important issue in consumer behaviour for ensure a long-term success in a marketing strategy (Pappu et al 2006). The literature and researchers suggest that there is a strong relation between product satisfaction and brand loyalty, but always highlighting their relation as a unidirectional relationship. In other words, product or service satisfaction has a direct relationship with loyalty, but loyalty has not a significant dependency with satisfaction (Oslen 2005). In other words, brands can have satisfied…show more content…
The beliefs, attitudes, and future purchase patterns; word-of-mouth communication; and legal and informal complaints have been related to the post-purchase satisfaction/dissatisfaction process.
(American Marketing Association 2012)

Therefore, for those wineries that are looking for a differentiation, satisfied customers might be a good alternative. As it is possible to see, according to the definition of AMA, everything is related with consumer’s expectations and how companies exceed it or not. In addition, the post-purchase process will determinate their attitudes and beliefs to the brand. In this line, a satisfied customer is a potential ‘promoter’ of the brand through word-of-mouth and could be a very profitable if companies understand their needs and wants. Moreover, Anderson and Sullivan (1993) explain that are two factors as antecedents of satisfaction, expectations and perceived quality (Anderson et al 1993). This means, the evaluating process will depend on how were built these expectations and the quality perceived. Furthermore, the authors sustain that these antecedents will have a different weight in the process depending on how complex is evaluate the product. Consequently, it might be more relevant manage customer satisfaction when clients are familiarized with the product. On the contrary, when the product is complex or difficult for evaluating, expectations are more relevant (Anderson et
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