Explain How Different Types of Transitions Can Affect C.Y.P's Development

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There are many different types of transitions during life between the ages of 0 -19. Some are common, happening to most, if not all children. Others are less common, happening to fewer (a minority) children. All changes can affect children and young people in some way. If children are able to be given the opportunity to ask questions, and discuss changes and events then this could help lessen any anxieties and negative effects on their development. Four main types of transitions are below. 1. Emotional Transitions. Obviously children’s emotions are affected by their relationships and personal experiences, if their main relationships are unsettled then they will be wary of forming future trusting relationships with adults, e.g. if…show more content…
Even with discussion, young people may not actually want to move, they could regress i.e. revert to bedwetting after the move, until they settle in. They could become sullen or argumentative (after all, you moved even though they didn’t want to!), tearful, emotional, angry and resentful – or a mixture of some/all of these. If things can be discussed before, they may actually move viewing it all as a new chapter, huge adventure and really exciting event. Things such as changing activities in class can also be explained before hand, at the start of the session to lessen the arguments, or sulks when an absorbed child is asked to change what they are doing! 3. Intellectual Transitions. Intellectual transitions include changes such as starting primary school, moving classes, key stages or up to secondary school. Also leaving school and moving on to further education or employment. These can all be very stressful changes for some pupils, others however, may be more than ready for the next big step in their educational lives. Obviously, these transitions are all planned, and known about in advance so parents and teachers are able to discuss any issue, and provide support to nervous children. Our primary school has policies and procedures to make each stage less nerve - wracking for children. In our last half term of the school year each child will be told which class room they are going to be in, with

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