Explain How Has Racism Changed Since The 1930s

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Has Racism changed since the 1930s? Racism is a disturbing and brutal topic. People over look racism because they don't feel that their opinion is going to affect the community. The question often asked is “How has racism changed” and “Has racism gotten better or worse?” I am on the fence with this particular topic. Today, we have no more segregation in the United States, this means no more separate water fountains, bathrooms, schools, blacks don't have to sit at the back of busses, etc. Although, there has been more brutal acts of racially motivated acts against all races. Obviously there's still racism, it’s not just going to disappear, it’s always going to be here. It’s all about people’s opinions, it’s not like a fact that can be proven wrong. Racism has changed in many different ways since the 1930s. In the book, Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry, there was a lot of racism against the Logan family. For example, Cassie Logan had to keep waiting for the clerk to help her because white people kept coming in needing of…show more content…
It was a brutal time for the Little Rock Nine. Ernest Green and 8 other colored teenagers were transferring to an all-white school, Little Rock High School, because they wanted a better education, but the high schoolers there were very racist. For example, when Ernest and his brother went to take a shower after gym class, a couple of white boys hiding in the showers placed broken glass all over the floor. So when Ernest stepped in, the broken glass pieces cut his feet very badly and he was bleeding viciously. When the boys went up to the gym teacher to tell him, he saw the white boys in the shower room hiding and he let it go.(Laneuville) This was very racist because ever since the nine black teens got there, they have been nothing but mean to them just because they are racist jerks who have no respect for these kids just ∞because of the color of their
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