Explain How Important Were Republican Reaction To The Wall Street Crash

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How important were republican reactions to the Wall Street crash as causes of Roosevelt’s success in the presidential election of 1932? Explain your answer (40).
By Finn Lovegrove
In October 29th 1932, the stock market crashed which was known as black Tuesday. The President at the time was President Hoover, due to his reactions to the Wall Street crash, he became very unpopular and President Roosevelt was elected due to his solutions for the problem based upon his claim that he “knew” how to get America out of the great depression The Wall Street crash and the subsequent banking crisis, and rise in unemployment; these economic realities had a massive impact on individuals, communities, states, and the country as a whole. The Wall Street Crash itself began a domino effect that destroyed American economic confidence and eventually the political career of president Hoover. The Republican Party rather than address this emerging economic crisis, sought to achieve the re-election of the man who had preceded over the demise. This is fundamentally the root of their failure to achieve re-election of president Hoover and is partially responsible of presidential victory of Democratic President Roosevelt. Many people believe that the Leading
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Rather Roosevelt’s campaign victory was based entirely upon the solid and pragmatic nature of his policies. Whilst it is easy with hind sight to understand how Roosevelt’s addressing of the economic crisis was successful, the Republican Party’s inability to even acknowledge said economic crisis could only have helped and strengthened Roosevelts campaign. The stupidity of the Republican Party to continue support of Hoover, despite his failures to the economic market. Evidence of this is whilst Hoover was in presidency the countries wholesale prices dropped by
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