Explain How Legislations Influence Nurseries

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M1 - Explain how Legislations influence Nurseries

Brookside Primary School accepts and abides by the Health and Safety Policy to aim for a safe and healthy environment for children, teaching and non-teaching staff and all other people who arrive on the premises of the school. It also ensures that all member of the school community understand their own responsibilities in maintaining a healthy and safe environment.

The establishment of a health and safe environment is essential for the work of the school. It is also a law. It depends upon sound management, vigilant supervision and the co-operation of all children and adults.

All members of the school community (teaching and non-teaching staff, parents, pupils and governors) work towards the school’s aims by:
Being fully aware of their own responsibilities for maintaining a safe and healthy environment.
Knowing all instructions and guidelines of safety within the school.
Using common sense at all times to take responsible care for their own safety and of others.
Reporting any unidentified hazards to the Head Teacher without delay.

Pupils work towards the school’s aims by:
Developing a growing understanding of health and safety issues.
Contributing to the development of codes of practice.
Conducting themselves in an orderly manner in line with these codes.
Taking responsibility for maintaining a safe and healthy environment and for their own safe conduct within it.

For ensuring
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