Explain How Neurons Transmit Information "Our Knowledge of the Nuerons Helps Us to Understand Human Behaviour"

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Part 1
Option B
Explain how neurons transmit information. ‘Our knowledge of the neurons function helps us to understand human behaviour.’ Discuss.
The relationship between biology and psychology is a ‘give-and-take’, shared relationship where one can be used to explain and provide insight into the other, as both are related to the physical body and the mind. For that reason biology holds a much significant and important role in the study of psychology. One of the main areas of psychological studies is the mind therefore this essay aims to explain the biology of how neurons transmit information, this essay also aims to discuss how our knowledge of the ways neurons functions helps us to understand human behaviour.
Biology has a
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Therefore if the receptors on a postsynaptic neuron do not match the neurotransmitter then this can cause inhibition. Example of psychological disorder that inhibition can cause is schizophrenia, an illness caused by abnormality of certain neurotransmitter found in parts of the brain. Many psychological disorders and aspects of our psychological lives are partly caused by manipulation at the synapses. And therefore have their biological basis and links to the brain. Emotions, motives, moods, cognition and behaviour are all caused when the activity in the neural system is changed or due to malfunction of synapses. For example Parkinson disease is caused by disruption in neurotransmitters. Drugs such as Prozac are used to cure depression, depression which is caused due to change in the brain either in malfunction of the neurotransmitters or the synapse. Sometimes malfunction is caused when neurons reuptake neurotransmitters that have already been released (Toates.2007, p.259)
Neurons also play a part in the control of our behaviour. Like when our brain gives signals to the rest of the body to move via neurons. To move our legs, our legs need a large supply of blood therefore the brain needs to send messages to the heart also. Two parts of the nervous system operate to carry out such movement, the semantic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. The semantic nervous system controls the skeletal muscles, thus is
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