Explain How Organisations Use Information

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P1 Explain How Organisations Use Information What is information? Information is very important when used in organisations. Organisations need to have accurate and quality information so the information is reliable. There is Date and Information, Data is raw facts or figures that have not yet been processed, data is things such as times, weights, measurements and scales. Information is data that is useable, such as TV listings, bus timetables. Etc. there are two types of data, Qualitative date and Quantitative data. Qualitative date involves date/information that cannot be measured in the usual way; this is because it is spoken or written. So for example if an organisation did a survey and needed information on a product from them to…show more content…
Benefits and Drawbacks of Primary and Secondary data When collecting information and data, it can take a while and also needs to be done right, so that you can read from the results and use them as valid data for you organisation. Secondary can be beneficial for you and your organisation, because you get another organisation, it is therefore easier for you since you don’t need to gather all of the information yourself. This can benefit you in giving you more time to focus on other organisations, but at the same time using secondary data can have a drawback for you and your organisation. Since it is not you collecting and gathering all of the data yourself, the data can be collected wrong, therefore can have a huge impact on your own organisation by having incorrect data. Primary data however is also good and bad, on the good side, you are gathering and collecting the data independently, since gathering data correctly is important and cannot afford any mistakes, since this can impact on your results you have gathered. This is why by doing it yourself, you can rely on yourself to collect that data correctly. But, this can also affect you and your time, by doing this independently with your business, you are using up time what could be necessary for you and your organisation. What is information used for? Purposes Of information Information is necessary for any
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