Explain How Othello's and Iago's Relationship Leads to Tragedy?

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Explain how Othello’s and Iago’s relationship leads to tragedy?
The most influential writer in English literature ‘William Shakespeare’ born 1564 wrote many plays comedies and sonnets. I will be talking about one of Shakespeare's most popular play which is ‘Othello’. Othello has a long and successful stage history and was one of the first plays to be performed since the 1660’s. Othello has never gone in and out of fashion like some of Shakespeare other plays. This is possibly because of their universal theme which is love and how the play has a narrow focus on three characters, Othello, Iago and Desdemona. The main focus of this essay is on the relationship of the Moor Othello, a valiant and a respected general, with Iago who is
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He trust Iago tremendously which leads to tragedy later on in the play. Othello says “honest Iago, my Desdemona must i leave to thee” Othello is trusting Iago to look after Desdemona and leaves her with him. This shows how much Othello trust Iago that he even leaves his wife with such a man. This is the main aspect in which their relationship is based on.
Othello depends on Iago too much. He expects Iago to get him all the answers to the questions Iago raised in his minds. He depended on Iago to get him the ocular proof that there is a relationship which is more friendship between the two of them. If Othello wanted he could’ve got the proof himself or even got to know the truth by simply asking Desdemona, but he didn’t because he relied on Iago to do the job which caused more problems because Iago was already trying to cause a drift between the two of them or to be more precise he wanted Desdemona dead “do it with not poison, strangle her in her bed-even the bed she hath contaminated”, Iago is telling Othello how to kill Desdemona. This again shows that Othello really trusts Iago and will do anything he says.
Iago plays upon Othello's own fears and reinforces those fears with lies and innuendo (hints). Iago manipulates the situation so that Casio is in a position to ask Desdemona for aid. He then stands by Othello's side, professing concern for his friend, and questioning Desdemona's fidelity because she spoke for Casio. By stealing Desdemona's
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