Explain How Psychological Perspectives Have Been Used to Criminal Behavior

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Explain how psychological perspectives have been used to criminal behavior
Biological approaches:
(P1)The biological approach means that our behavior is the cause of biological factors. This approach looks at our genetics to construct a reason why we act the way we do and why we develop abnormal behaviors. The brain and nervous system are the biological approach and so are chemical changes in the body .This can mean chemical reactions in the brain. For instance, in eating disorders - twin studies were carried out and it was shown that if one identical twin suffered from an eating disorder then the other twin would also be more likely to suffer from a disorder as well. This did not happen with non-identical twins, suggesting that the
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Similarly, with Jonathan Tregar’s profile it shows that he has had ‘movements with multiple care facilities’. This shows that the different environments he has been around when he was in care might have contributed to his criminal behavior.
Social Approaches
Social approach is interested in studying individuals in a social context, such as family, friends, institutions, and wider society. Social behavior may involve activity within a group or between groups. According to social psychological explanation it involves the way we learn from others around us - our peers and family and how we learn to model and imitate that behavior.

Compare and Contrast psychological perspectives used to explain criminal behavior
(M1)-The perception that crime has become one of the most serious problems facing society has led to determined efforts by many researchers to find the causes of criminal behavior. Researchers have focused on biological causes, believing that a biological basis of criminality exists and that an understanding of the biology will be useful in predicting which people are predisposed to become criminals. Judging the case of Jonathan Tregar, we can use the Lombroso theory to determine his case accordingly. This theory assumes that criminal behavior is inborn, associated with physical body features, and that criminals have body features which are different from non-criminals. Among the many
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