Explain How To Make Sour Skittles

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I made a plan to make sure my brother or dad because, I don’t want them to eat my sour skittles anymore. They usually eat all my candy. I found a way to get them to not eating them, I made a recipe. I know it sounds unusual but I put ingredients in it that they never want to eat my candy ever again. I doubt they would read the recipe to see how I made them. I usually have to ask my mom to make something so I asked her. “Hey mom can I make some sour skittles?” “Sure i’m going to sit on the couch and watch tv” “Okay” So I walked into the kitchen and got everything I needed for making the sour skittles. I walked into the kitchen and I got 5 bowls out from the cabinet and poured 2 cups of sugar into each bowl. Then…show more content…
So green apple is green, grapes are purple, cherries are red, oranges are orange, and lemons are yellow. Then I stirred it until it looked good. Then I poured each mixture into their own small pans, make sure they are not glass pans because they will break. Then put the pans into a freezer and wait 4-5 hours or until mixtures are frozen. Then break them into smaller pieces about a nickel's size and put the pieces into the microwave and wait 40 seconds and it should be melted. Now they let the pieces cool and then roll them into balls, and then dipped it into tartaric acid. Let the balls harden. So the next day, my brother saw my packages of skittles and he started to go for it.All of a sudden he started yelling my name. “MIKAYLA” “What?” “What are in these skittles?” “You know key ingredients, like rotten cherries, and paint.” He immediately spat it out, and washed his mouth out with water. “That's what you get for eating my skittles.” After that they never ate my skittles ever again.So I bought regular sour skittles and put them into a ziplock bag and made it look like my homemade version so nobody would eat them.So after all my plan worked and they haven't ate any since that
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