Explain How To Use Pliers To Bend A Wire Hanger

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Use pliers to bend a wire hanger into a rectangle with “v” shaped loops to hold the axles in place. Zip tie the frame to the bottom of the mouse trap. Use the remaining hanger to create an axle with a length of 16 cm and one with a length of 11.5 cm. Hot glue rubber bands to the edge of the can bases. Find the center of the bases and poke a hole wide enough for the hanger to fit through each one. Glue one wheel to one end of the 16 cm axle and fit the axle through the metal frame, then glue on the other wheel. Fit one end of the other axle halfway through the other side of the metal frame, then put your thread spool onto the axle and put the axle through the other side of the frame. Use pliers to bend the ends of the front axle closed around
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