Explain How Your Dental Health Affects Your Unborn Baby

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How Your Dental Health Affects Your Unborn Baby
Your unborn baby looks toward you, the mother, for everything, which includes good oral health. It is extremely important for you to do all things possible to provide those needs. Unfortunately, the hormonal changes from pregnancy can increase the likelihood of developing oral health issues, including gingivitis. The gums may become tender and swell or bleed. However, if you have a healthy mouth, your baby may also reap the benefits.
Periodontal Disease
The most common diseases include periodontal disease and tooth decay. These ‘dental caries’ are bacterial infections and can have an effect on your baby. The gum disease, gingivitis, can cause low birth weights and early delivery dates. It is noted
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Some dental professionals advise pregnant women to have cleanings during the second and third trimesters to avoid these problems. It is also important to maintain a good oral health routine, including brushing and flossing, twice a day during your pregnancy.
Hormone Changes
Gingivitis is more evident during the second trimester. This condition starts with the bleeding and swelling of the gums. When it occurs during pregnancy, it is known as ‘pregnancy epulis,’ and it may or may not go away after the baby is born. Psyogenic granuloma/epulis occurs when a specific area bleeds easily and has enlarged gums. Additional cleaning may be necessary, and in some rare cases need excision.
Increased plaque is a possibility, because of the increased hormone levels. In this case, the mother must follow-up with treatment after the baby’s birth.
You can possibly prevent gum disease and issues that can lead to giving birth prematurely. If you have maintained good oral hygiene before the pregnancy, it is unlikely you will have dental problems during your pregnancy. It is always a good idea to visit the dentist regularly because, in some cases, pregnancy can lead to dental
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