Explain How the Solow Growth Model Would Analyse the Effects of a Fall in the Household Saving Ratio.

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PART 1 Explain how the Solow growth model would analyse the effects of a fall in the household saving ratio. In this essay, I will focus on two important aspects. The first is to give a brief historical outline of the Solow growth model. The second thread runs express how the outline on the Solow growth model might explain the effect of a fall in the household savings ratio.My essay will be guided by the diagram provided on which I have to make specific references and to think through as well as explain the various steps of the Solow growth model and what this would mean for economic growth. Without dismissing earlier attempts, the foundations upon which modern economic growth theory rests on the foundations put by US…show more content…
In this essay, I will focus myself on two models of cooperation and bargaining. The first model is called realism and its thrust is to say that the international political systems as a whole is anarchic in so far as there is no world government but what exists are multiple competing sovereigns. In terms of cooperation and bargaining between states realism poses real challenges to interdependence and specialisation. The second model is called liberalism and like realism it begins by acknowledging that the system is of course anarchic but it goes a bit further to argue that the interests that states seek to pursue in conditions of anarchy are shaped very much by the nature of the society, domestic, and transnational over which they seek to rule and particularly liberals stress the role of dominant powerful groups within society in shaping the nature of the national interests and this is clearly illustrated in a story about the development of India`s national interest in chapter 6. The fundamental difference between the two models is that liberalism says it is not just anarchy plus the distribution of power, it`s anarchy, and the distribution of power plus interdependence.The prospects for cooperation between states under conditions of both anarchy and interdependence bring to fore three aspects of the game. The first, the game is positive-sum when states are concerned purely with their absolute gains but the chance

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