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P3 - Explain how to plan a small scale health education campaign relevant to local or national strategies. We first started doing our health campaign on smoking and aimed it on people that were 16 years old and pregnant women. Smoking causes health problems such as several types of cancer which have been broadcasted through advertising and several other campaigns warning people about the repercussions of smoking. There have been many national health strategies to help promote the negative impact of smoking on our health. One campaign is by the NHS called ‘Smoke Free’ which is there to help people stop smoking and give them encouragement to do so. With public health, the Government has decreased the amount of people smoking due to…show more content…
For our other target audience of pregnant women, we dedicated two slides to smoking during pregnancy and the repercussions of smoking around their new young baby. We gave them information such as a low birth weight, smaller organs, likelihood of cot death and an increased risk of miscarriage. After they have had their baby, we gave them other information. This information included things such as meningitis, hearing loss, cot death, asthma and breathing problems. As well as this, we also wanted to emphasise the mothers health and how it would effect them. However, there were many reasons that people might think of of not wanting to stop smoking. For 16 year olds, a reason could be that they enjoy it and that their friends do it and they haven’t received any problems. Even though this is all true, it might not happen to their friends but it could happen to them. Furthermore, they could also think that it could help them deal with the stress that they might be experiencing due to their GCSE exams, although, we can prove that nicotine doesn’t help relax but it is instead a stimulant. For pregnant women, they could feel that they saw a relative smoke during their pregnancy and that their baby was a healthy weight and had no health problems, but this isn’t necessarily applicable to every pregnant mother. Our first

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