Explain Legal Issues, Policies and Procedures Relevant to Assessment

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Explain legal issues, policies and procedures relevant to assessment, including those for confidentiality, health, safety and welfare

As part of the government’s scheme in raising and maintaining national standards for recognised qualifications it is of importance to maintain certain records. Training Organisations are subject to inspection by OFSTED so have to keep records for performance, safety and financial reasons.

• Registers-attendance at lessons • Visit Report Forms-proof you are visiting candidates • Course assessment sheets-record of tests and progress • Course feedback forms-feedback from candidates • Health and Safety Check Forms-Ensuring safe working environment • Equality and Diversity
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This is to ensure that no learner or employee receives less favourable treatment on grounds not relevant to good practice. Therefore employees and learners must not harass or intimidate other employees and learners on the grounds of race or sex, disability or sexual orientation. Data Protection Data protection Act 1998 gives people the right to access information held about them. The organisation I work for is registered with the Data protection registrar and they are required to only store information for the purpose of the NVQ training. Information cannot be shared with a third party. If it is essential that vital information is needed by a third party, this is only shared if the individual has given their consent. The information held for learners and employees are not excessive but just the correct information required. Data is updated regularly if learners or employees change address, phone numbers etc. Records on individual learning are also updated regularly. Data are not kept longer than necessary. Data are also kept within confidential measures e.g. computers have password to avoid them accessed by intruders, paperwork are filed away in locked cabinets.
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