Explain Personal Aspects : Expecting A Child And Young Children

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1 A well-intentioned, but meddling, relative comes to visit the weekend before your child's first birthday, in April. She cautions you that you must be spoiling the child, because he hides behind your leg and clings to you when she tries to give him a hug, and he did not do this when she visited at New Year's. How will you explain what is happening with your child? The First thing I would do is tell the relative that as my child is not even a year old yet her memory is not fully developed and she most likely does not remember the relative well or not at all. This would make my child wary because they are basically a stranger and wariness of strangers doesn’t imply he/she is spoiled. Also, I would let the relative know that young…show more content…
This is according to Piaget`s Stages of development. 4 Your eight-year old son is failing math; all he cares about is baseball. As a kid this is a normal thing. The first thing I would do is ask him why he is struggling and offer to get him a tutor. I would also talk to the teacher to see what specific things he needs to work on. I would tell my son that if his grades do not start improving there will be no more baseball. At this age, especially children typically care more about their friends, the social aspect of sports and sports themselves more than school. This is exemplified by Csikszentmihalyi and Hunter`s view point of where children find happiness. 5 Your eight-year old son is failing P.E. and growing obese; all he cares about is Nintendo. Erik Erickson`s view of influence leaned more towards the ego. This to say; that he believed that the society and culture which a person lives plays a large role in development. In this situation Erikson`s stages of development the fourth stage would be prominent; Industry vs inferiority. This stage is when children are beginning to learn things in school like reading, writing and mathematics. At this point in a child`s life friends and their social status begin to mean much more to them than previously and sometimes overcomes what they should start to be responsible for.
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