Explain Problems Associated With A Global Food System

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Some problems with the global food system are its limited Food Access and its food waste. The inability to access sufficient amounts of food is an issue that happens to populations around the globe. Worldwide, about 795 million people suffer from chronic undernourishment, and about fifteen percent of households in the U.S. lack food to some degree. More than 29 million Americans live in places where they do not have a supermarket within a mile of their home. On top of the absence of these markets, limited mobility, economic barriers, and a lack of fresh food options prevent certain low-income communities from obtaining healthy and affordable food. This problem has only been exacerbated by the farm policy incentives that drive an excess production of sweets, fats, and meats, and producers choosing to cut costs through extensive food processing and use of high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated soy oil to increase…show more content…
Food production, human health and welfare, and the state of the world's natural resources are all connected. Growing food is among the most essential services our ecosystem provides, since it is fundamentally dependent on the world's atmosphere, soils, freshwater and genetic resources. The health and sustainability of the food systems is a human health issue. For example airborne pesticides can drift onto water resources or pesticides can run off directly from croplands into groundwater and surface waters, potentially affecting wild flora, fauna, and humans. Besides water, soil is another critical basis for long-term fertility in food production. Existing agricultural practices mine soils of their organic matter and leave them nitrogen depleted. Because industrialized agriculture generally lacks practices to sustainably cycle these resources within the production system, they often become wastes that further undercut human
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