Explain The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vertical Partitioning

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4.3.6 Structural Partitioning When the architectural style of a design follows a hierarchical nature the Program structure can be partitioned horizontally and vertically. There are mainly two types of Structure partitioning: 1. Horizontal Partitioning 2. Vertical Partitioning Figure 4.3 1. Horizontal Partitioning: In horizontal partitioning, the control modules are used to communicate between functions and execute the functions. It defines separate branches of the modular hierarchy for each major program function as shown in the Figure 4.3.Control modules, represented in a darker shade are used to coordinate communication & execution between its functions. Horizontal partitioning defines three…show more content…
Top-level modules should perform control functions and do little actual processing work. Modules that reside low-level in the structure should be the workers, performing all input, computation, and output tasks. Advantages of Vertical Partitioning • Less susceptible to side effects and therefore very maintainable 4.3.7 Data Structure Data structure is a representation of the logical relationship among individual elements of data. A scalar item is the simplest of all data structures. It represents a single element of information that may be addressed by an identifier. When scalar items are organized as a list or contiguous group, a sequential vector is formed. When the sequential vector is extended to two, three, and ultimately, an arbitrary number of dimensions, an n-dimensional space is created.In many programming languages, an n dimensional space is called an array. A linked list is a data structure that organizes contiguous scalar items, vectors, or spaces in a manner (called nodes) that enables them to be processed as a list. A hierarchical data structure is implemented using multilinked lists that contain scalar items, vectors, and possibly, n-dimensional spaces.Stack is a conceptual model of a data structure that can be implemented as a vector or a linked

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