Explain The Background, And Repercussions Of Manifest Destiny

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Explain the background, and repercussions of, Manifest Destiny.

In 1845, John O’Sullivan wrote an Article in the ‘United States Magazine and Democratic Review’ in favor of the annexation of Texas. In this article the term ‘Manifest Destiny’ was created. O’Sullivan wrote “the fulfilment of our Manifest Destiny to overspread the continent allotted by Providence for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions.” Thus supplying the American people with the idea that it was their God-given duty to travel west and claim the lands in order for the American citizens to prosper. It was commonly believed that acting on this began with the expedition of Lewis and Clarke in 1804, however the ideas behind Manifest Destiny can be sourced back to the pilgrims’ first voyage over to the New World. The ideas of ‘Manifest Destiny’ still continue even into today’s society with American ideology and culture seeping into our own lives. However, it is not an entirely positive scheme, it had many negative repercussions primarily for the Native Americans. Many were forced out of their homes, separated from their families and thousands died. The dominant theme that runs throughout the events leading up to and the results of Manifest Destiny is the idea of American exceptionalism. This is the idea that American’s are unique in their ideals of democracy and liberty, exhibiting strength where other nations fail. This belief permeates through American culture and is only reiterated in the
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