Explain The Barriers To Interprofessional Working

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During first few weeks of working in my setting I have encounter barriers and challenges to interprofessional working. First of all I had to adapt to new ways of working, following different procedures and using other timeframes. I dint not always knew whom to contact for support and advice what left me anxious and less confident. Other factors that contributed to…. was use of professional jargon and abbreviation in the workplace. I found it really hard when attending meetings, training or having conversations on the phone during my first few week of work. Jargon used can become a barrier to effective communication as different professions and teams develop it. Having in mind parents and children I support and I need to be aware of using…show more content…
They are valued source of information, experts on child’s physical, emotional requirements, what creates mutual respect between practitioner and the parent. (Lindon & Rouse, 2012). EYFS highlights the importance of partnership with parents within the theme of Positive Relationships, focusing at the relationship between parents and practitioners to view parents as partners. ‘Parents are children’s first and enduring educators’(QCA, 2000, p.9). I always treat parents as partners making them aware of sharing information and confidentiality procedures and communicate with other professionals that are involved in the process. I always appreciate and value parents’ opinions, drawing on their expertise and demonstrate my understanding by giving alternatives solutions to and jointly decide what support will be more effective to the child. This consumer model approach (Cunningham & Davis, 1985) promotes mutual respect, honesty and collaboration and helps both sides to understand the views and the expectations of each other. Identification of children’s needs and quick response will has a positive impact on children’s…show more content…
In my setting staff has good understanding of children and families, they are aware of potential difficulties and barriers to inclusion that are removed or minimised.
I have learnt about the importance of communication in EY and why it is important to be aware of different values, roles and perspectives of other professionals, what can affect the group working process.
How my personal potency is supported by other people in my workplace?
Personal action potency- capacity of individuals to take action effectively, as a professional you have greater or lesser potency.
Our ability to be effective is open to many factors and elements.

Dreier’s theory- looking across of different influences, ‘constellations ‘ of people are constantly changing, influencing success of multi-professional working. We work in different situations, influences, the way we operate requires ‘ personal action potency’ be able to be powerful and effective changes from one context to the next
In my team there is many things going on struggles or constraints influencing how well I can work interprofessionally, Driers’ theory aske whet makes them successful or
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