Explain The Clash Between Tradition And Modernism

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1. Describe the following results in the post-war era: a. Increased racial violence Since the emancipation from slave trade African Americans were generally progressing to a newer adjustment into the society. Thousands migrated from the south to the north, African American speakers were standing up to the racial inequality and for the first time African Americans had a channel to speak out. Congress had welcomed the first African American representative which led to the advancement of racial pride. For the first time after World War I many African Americans were employed in the nations industries, more blacks were hired to replace the whites who were not represented by a union this aggravated the resentment from the whites. For the first…show more content…
Explain the clash between tradition and modernism in the following:
a. The passage of the 18th Amendment The passage of the 18th Amendment resulted into United States Constitution successfully recognizing the prohibition of alcoholic beverages in the United States by proclaiming that it was illegal to produce, transport and sale alcohol. There was a general clash between tradition and modernism in a way that corruption was the order of the day. Corrupt officials shaped disrespect for law in general, moonshiners and bootleggers saw it essential to bribe the police, Prohibition Bureau agents and sheriffs to do business.
The amendment created a wide spread network of corruption that in as many towns and cities, corruption stretched to the mayors, prosecutors, police chiefs, magistrates, city council members, fire chiefs, and city commissioners. In some cities the intact administrations were

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